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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7 months waiting

Not sure if I already wrote this out but MOWCYA (ethiopian government women and chidren's affairs department) stated that they are going from writing 5 letters to 10 a day! Still not sure what this indicated as far as timeline but it is great to see some movement. We are holding out for a referral by the end of the year... and that is being optimistic :)

What is really neat to see is our kids understanding of adoption taking place as they are getting older during this process as well. Each night we pray with them and thank God in front of them for giving them to our family. We want them to understand that ultimately they belong to a Heavenly Father, just as Opi has a Heavenly Father too. God has placed Maddie and Hudson into our family and we pray for God to place Opi into our family and to be content with His timing.

Side note: We are calling our future son "Opi" for the time being which is a name Maddie came up for him over a year ago. We do not intend for that to actually be his name and are waiting to "meet" him and know more about him before we consider any other names or will use his given name.

Anyway, the kids are really starting to understand what will take place with this adoption. Opi will come and be in our family forever! Hudson will become a big brother! Maddie will have 2 brothers! We say these statements all the time and it is sinking in for the kids. Any baby toy we find is greeted with, "hey that's for Opi!" and we save it in a place in the house for him. We go to target and walk down the baby aisle and similar statements are made towards the items there. They are getting ready! Hudson is talking about how he will change Opi's diaper (strange, I know since he still wears diapers himself) and Maddie told me last night that her pink pillow and pink blanket are going to be Opi's. I asked her if she is sure since Opi will be a boy and said we can buy him a different blanket but Maddie responded matter of factly with, "But I have a PINK blanket and PINK pillow to give him" and we left it at that!

Thanks for checking in!

psalm 68:6 "God sets the lonely in families..."