Isaiah 1.17

"Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mega Yard Sale

The week prior to this sale we kept picking up donations from our friend's houses and while others dropped stuff off at our house. We soon had a fine collection of treasures stuffed in our garage, our side yard and our backyard. I felt like a mega hoarder! Here we are the night before the big sale.

Ben and I woke up a little after 5am and with the help of my parents, we drug everything out front until it looked like this! I wish I had more shots of the sale but of course we were running around crazy the entire morning. I started doing "fill a bag for 5 dollars" for the clothing which seemed to motivate a few brave people to sift through the clothes that were no longer sorted and just heaped up on the big tarp.

Katie = super helper! Came the day before and through bribes of cookies and pizza stayed through dinner helping me sort stuff in the garage. She braved the heat and stuffy garage while being pregnant with her 2nd child. She earned those cookies! Thank you so much Katie!

I meant to take pictures of all the people we knew who stopped by to support us but only managed to take one. So here's Amy and Andrew! Thank you to everyone who stopped by. Some of you translated Spanish, helped with sales, hung out to keep us company, and even bought stuff! Thank you for all your help and support. We are so grateful to everyone who helped by donating their things to make this sale a success.

Grand total = $750 !!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So where are we in the process now?

We just wrapped up our last meeting with our social worker (also did livescan fingerprinting for the THIRD time... just writing this for our memories as this probably doesn't make sense to the general reader). We should have that homestudy report soon and will be applying to USCIS (our country's immigration) to be able to bring home an orphan. We will get another fingerprinting appointment from USCIS to do yet another background check and then should receive our approval from USCIS and then send all our paperwork (our dossier) on towards Ethiopia. At that point we will be considered "DTE" or "Dossier To Ethiopia" and wait 4-6 months for a referral of a child. Our official referral age will be between 4-15 months old. At that point we would accept the referral and be ready to travel to Ethiopia as soon as 2 weeks later to attend court there and meet our son! So, this could potentially be happening this spring sometime unless we get held up at some point along the way.

Soon to be middle child...

Don't want to leave out our sweet son! Here is is allowing Maddie to show him how to feed her doll. He is going to be a great big bro!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Progress... Livescans complete!

For those who didn't know, we have been waiting for our homestudy agency to get a certain
"number" that they use to run their background checks on us. We tried the route of getting our backgrounds done independently but discovered that won't work and all we could do is wait. We were notified last week that they got their "number" and we went in and did a second Livescan and we are headed towards being finished with our homestudy now. One more meeting next week and we should have that golden report necessary for progressing to the next steps! Rejoicing in this!

Taking good care of her "Opi" doll

Maddie talks about "Opi" every day these days. She tells us how she is going to rock him and hold him and that he is "soo cute and soo little" Here are a couple pictures of her pretending with her doll. We hope she won't be too disappointed if he turns out to be quite larger than her doll!